About Us

Here at Perch & Co we have a ‘make-do-and-mend’ café vibe, not just in its aesthetic of vintage crockery, juice in jam jars, and hand-written labels but in it’s genuine character.

Our food is freshly made to order, with signature British, Mediterranean and Persian influences. Our ‘Daily Specials’ menu change regularly; so make sure you don’t miss out! We cater for Vegan, Veggie’s and non-Veggie dishes too so you won’t feel guilty for inviting carnivorous pals along too.

We are passionate about coffee, with our enthusiasm our customers understand the real pleasure from a ‘proper’ cup of coffee, rather than…well, that other stuff.

Offering a range of delicious wines, beers and seasonal cocktails during our twilight events, all combining with our signature character and laughter.

We can also offer the signature Perch & Co experience for external events, meetings, parties, weddings, celebrations and more!

We also love our Planet! Our takeaway packaging is biodegradable and compostable. Used cups and lids can be collected and processed along with any other food waste. This means that it can be included in your own food waste recycling and will break down within 12 weeks! Go team Earth!

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